Developer Notes for Unity Docs

Adds shared user-contributed notes to game dev documentation. Notes are curated for accuracy and relevance, with hundreds of notes added by dozens of contributors, covering usage, relevant examples, references, and gotchas.

Viewing and contributing notes

  1. Install the extension for your browser:

    Browser not supported? Create a discussion here.

  2. Visit a supported site, add an appropriate note at the bottom of the page.

    Please only contribute notes on usage, relevant examples, references, and gotchas.
    Seeking help or reporting bugs is not the intent of this extension and your comments will be removed.

Supported sites




A GitHub-style comment block is appended to the bottom of matched documentation sites.

comment block

Tools used

The extension uses Giscus to link comments to the discussions on the org's repos.


Issues with the extension, feedback, and requests, should be given here.

This is an unofficial extension and isn't affiliated with or endorsed by Unity Technologies, Epic Games, or Audiokinetic.

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